Our 2016 Breweries:

Blood Orange IPA, Honey Hips Strong Blonde

Dead Pan- Pilsner ABV-5.2% IBU-25 Fortune Teller IPA- Single Hop IPA (Mosaic Hops) ABV-5.3% IBU45

Spirit of 77 IPA, Speedo's Tiki Love God English Brown


Blackberry Gose, Double IPA

Helm's Craft Beer

Chula Pils / Otay IPA

Cherry Sour, Aftermath IPA

Coconut Porter, La Perouse White Ale

Hopzeit - Autumn IPA Black Butte Porter

Octave Orange - 5.1% ABV Orange Wheat Ale Redshift - 7% ABV Hibiscus Red Ale

Law Maker - IPA and Revolver - American-style India Pale Ale - GABF Gold Medal Winner 2015

Relay IPA Foreplay Belgian Blonde

Hopmata IPA, Normcore Pils

Hoppily Ever After & Tomlinson 21 SIPA.

Purgatory Hefeweizen, Padre Bravo, American Brown Ale

Perle Necklace Pale Ale, Banana Hammock Scotch Ale

Keyhole IPA, Cerveza, Blonde

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ale, TBD, TBD.

Super Fresh Pale Ale

Tom Tom Blonde

A la Tart - Pineapple
Hubba Hubba

Golden Torc, Abomination, Eric the Red Ale

Guinness Nitro IPA, Guinness Blonde American Lager

DMJ IPA and Bandidos Yanquis (Mexican Lager with Lemon Zest)

Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker
Alpine Hoppy Birthday

Pearanormal: Cider w/Pear, Mint, & Lime
Apple Pie: Fall Seasonal-Spiced Cider

Pina Menta & Black Dog

Blood Orange Wit
Grapefruit IPA